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online wedding invitations

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now begins the lengthy to-do list of tasks that need to be completed leading up to your big day. Wedding planning is a reverse bell curve, with much to do at the beginning and much to do at the end of your engagement. The first few months of planning are often spent selecting vendors, especially those big ones like your venue, caterer, and photographer. The final few months of planning are focused on the little details that must be done in a timely fashion, like sending wedding invitations and organizing guest RSVPs into a seating chart.

Typically, wedding invitations are sent out just six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding day, leaving a few short weeks to pull together all of your RSVPs, track down those who didn’t RSVP (yes, there will be those who do not respond!), and organize your attendees into tables. Wouldn’t it be great if just one of those elements could be simplified? Thanks to technology, your invitations can be created, and if desired, distributed electronically. Online wedding invitation platforms allow you to save the unavoidable extra legwork (not to mention paper cuts!) of wedding invitations’ more traditional counterparts.

Some of you may cringe at the thought of sending an invitation to your wedding in any way but by your own hand — but with customizable options ranging from handwritten (yes, handwritten and electronic!) to sealed envelopes, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your personality and budget. Plus, many of these options allow you to track your RSVPs electronically, thus greatly simplifying your “to-dos before I-dos.” Read on for five ways to create, distribute, and manage your wedding invitations through online platforms.

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If you value a classic handwritten note, you need to know about Bond. Bond is an innovator in the online wedding invitation industry: rather than create a fairly personal, but still emailed, invitation, or an invitation that comes in the mail but has clearly been put together by a computer, Bond will hand write your invitation suite for you.

Through the use of technology, your words are written (with an actual ballpoint pen!) in a style you select on high quality paper and then mailed to the recipients you specify. Your guests will receive an invitation that is produced online and then snail mailed. This gives your “online” invitations a fun, personal twist.

Of course, Bond has the added benefit of also providing options for thank you notes, when that handwritten touch is highly valued and, often, expected.

paperless post

Just like its name implies, Paperless Post allows you to send invitations through email that look like the ones you’d get in the postal mail. When your guests click to open your wedding invitation, they will see an envelope unfolding and an invitation popping out. Brides and grooms can add insert cards, a map, and even notes. Plus RSVPs are tracked and managed online.


Greenvelope is another source for email invitations that look like those you’d snail mail, complete with the envelope, stamp, insert cards, and RSVP management. They distinguish themselves with their large range of designs. If you are looking for a hand-painted watercolor invitation, but can’t afford the actual hand-painting, Greenvelope delivers that design more affordably in an electronic form. You can even upload some of your favorite art to be used in your online wedding invitation.

Brides and grooms can create a free wedding website on as well as select online invitations for their engagement party, bachelor(ette) event(s), showers, and rehearsal dinner. Regarding the actual wedding invitations, Minted allows you to select a pre-created invitation template online, update the specifics for your wedding, and then have the resulting invites snail mailed to your guest list for that personal touch only a physical invite can bring. The site offers a coordinated suite of all of these wedding-related products — so your paper wedding invitation can match your online rehearsal dinner invitation, for example — in addition to thank yous and helpful guest management tools.
Having just celebrated their 20th anniversary, Evite is a veteran in the online email invitation world. They are highly diversified — it’s likely that you’ve received at least one birthday party invitation in an email via Evite — and therefore very affordable for online wedding invitations if email is the way you want to go.

In the final weeks leading up to your wedding day, you have much to keep track of. Final fittings must be scheduled. The menu has to be finalized. Seating charts are difficult to juggle due to family dynamics and straggling RSVPs. Not to mention you need to obtain your marriage license!

Allow yourself some grace and let Bond Weddings assist you. Ordering, designing, and sending wedding invitations with the aid of technology is the way of the future, and the future is here!

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