How I Used Bond to Send Handwritten Save The Dates

Beyond working at Bond, I also happen to be getting married this October here in Brooklyn. In the run up to this event, my fiancée and I have realized the act of planning a wedding is really an extreme lesson in project management. You have to coordinate hoards of people, multiple sets of relatives and a whole variety of vendors in a perfect dance to pull off a successful wedding weekend.

All of these efforts would be in vain without guests to entertain and celebrate with. I used a combination of Sketch and the Bond Group’s feature to send out handwritten save the dates. Here is how I did it:

First, I used Sketch to design the backside of my stationery (my file is here). In addition to Sketch, you can also download our Adobe Photoshop template here. Our stationery dimensions post-cutting are 5×7 inches so I designed my stationery on a 5.5 x 7.5 template to account for bleed. I highly recommend exporting your image as high-res as possible (300 DPI is terrific).

After signing into my Bond account, I selected the “Create custom stationery” option from my dashboard.

At the custom stationery screen, I uploaded the back image I created in Sketch. Once the image is uploaded you have the option to resize or crop however you’d like.

If you want to customize the front of your stationery, you can flip the image and add header and footer copy. For my save the dates I chose to have a blank front.

Once your stationery looks how you want it to, select the “Save” option located in the upper right corner to return back to your dashboard.

Now that I’ve created my save the date stationery, I can select it and prepare it for sending directly to my soon-to-be guests. You also have the option to have all your notes prepared and shipped back to you (including stamps) if you desire to add anything additional or want to drop in your local mailbox for a personalized postmark (Bond’s standard one is Tennessee).

Being that my fiancée and I will be sending invites later, we kept our save the dates really simple. As I have my handwriting digitized, I was able to add my own personal mark to each note.

After I entered my message copy it was time to enter my return address. Being that I selected to send all my save the dates directly to recipients, the return address is where any notes would be sent back to if the USPS was unable to deliver them.

It’s time to add recipient information. For my actual guest list I was able to get most addresses (and not spoil the surprise) by sending out individual texts asking folks what’s the best address to send them a present to. I find the easiest way to import a whole list of recipients is to create a google drive template using the same format as Bond’s spreadsheet and than copy and paste over the data. This saved us a ton of a time when we then went to send out invites after. You can copy and customize my template here. You can review your imported recipients and make any edits as needed to your spreadsheet.

We’re at the end. If all looks correct, place your order. If you need to go back in the process, use the timeline above to jump back and edit any stage. If you don’t have credits as of yet, you can also buy them during the checkout process. For reading this how-to, feel free to use the promo code: Blog_Reader103118 to get 20% off your first order (expires 10/31/2018).

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