Writing the Perfect Thank-You Notes, How & Why… With Templates!

Many sentiments seem to go without saying these days, including gratitude. In fact, a study published earlier this year found that English speakers express thanks the most, but still only 14.5 percent of the time.

People often assume those who they’re most grateful for – whether they’re family, lifelong friends, or loyal clients – know how thankful they are for the things they do that fill our busy lives with joy. However, rather than Slack someone a thumbs-up emoji or send a “you’re the best” email riddled with exclamation points, a growing number of professionals are recognizing the value and virtue of a timeless form of sincere communication; the handwritten thank-you note.

It takes little effort to pick up a pen and some stationery. Zero effort if you’re usingBond to write and send your handwritten message.

So, why don’t more people send thank-you notes? For some, it’s due to a series of misconceptions about how to actually go about doing so. If you think there’s some grand, unspoken etiquette when it comes to handwritten letters that prevents you from jumping into the handwritten note arena, we’re here to say that’s bologna.

Bond believes anyone can send a handwritten thank-you note, and everyone should feel comfortable doing so. To help you on your way, we’ve put together a handy guide and a few templates to help you write the perfect thank-you message. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Why Should I Send a Thank You Note?

Handwritten thank-you notes are a timeless tradition that have retained their value over the years. Expressing gratitude is a beautiful thing on its own, but when you take the time to handwrite your message, it removes the electronic element and elevates the impact of your correspondence with a personal touch.

An email is quick and easy. A handwritten note tells the recipient you took an extra moment for them, setting aside all distractions to focus solely on how they brightened your day. If you’ve ever received a handwritten thank-you note, you need only recall how it made you feel to know why you should send one of your own.

Who Should I Send a Thank You Note?

Anyone you’re grateful for! There’s no need to go over-the-top, of course. Seriously, though, you could send a handwritten thank-you note to anyone and they’d appreciate the sentiment. The hiring manager who took the time to interview you. The party host with the most. That cousin who swooped in with that toaster you added to your wedding registry at the last minute.

Stationery can get expensive, so if you’re going to be ambitious in showing your gratitude, or if your company wants to regularly send out personalized notes to clients and prospects, consider giving Bond a try. Your words, our tech. We’ll even take care of the postage!

Fun Fact: In 1987, the average household received a personal letter every two weeks. In 2010, per an annual survey by the U.S. Postal Service, the average household received a personal letter every seven weeks.

When Should I Send a Thank You Note?

A well-timed note is sent within one week of receiving a wedding gift, completing an interview, attending a party, etc. Per a Reader’s Digest etiquette column , this means writing the letter within a day or two.

That said, Bond believes the old saying better late than never absolutely applies when it comes to handwritten notes. In a perfect world, a thank-you note is promptly written and received. Alas, perfect worlds don’t exist and life happens.

This is especially true for newlyweds, many of whom have honeymoons to enjoy before they unpack their wedding gifts. It helps when both partners tackle the writing of thank-you notes in this situation. For brides and grooms too busy settling in to their Happily Ever After, we recommend Bond Weddings , which lets you easily send handwritten save-the-dates, invitations, and thank yous.

Where Should I Send a Thank You Note?

The answer to this one depends on what you’re sending a handwritten thank-you note for! We’ll cover some common situations below.

If you’re sending a thank-you note to someone who purchased a wedding gift, you should already have the address available, as you used it for sending out save-the-dates and invitations. If you don’t have the gift-giver’s address, inquire with your wedding planner or someone who knows them.

If you’re sending a thank-you note to someone who interviewed you, send it to the company’s address. Make sure to address it to the person who interviewed you!

If you’re sending a thank-you note to a prospective client or existing client, the same rules apply. Send your note to the company’s address and make sure to address it to the prospect or client representative you engaged with.

What Should I Write in a Thank You Note?

The most important element of any effective thank-you note, handwritten or digitized, is personalization. Consider the two example notes below.

EXAMPLE #1 – Thank you for the Hello Kitty Toaster! We’re incredibly grateful you were able to attend our wedding, and we can’t wait to see where this crazy adventure takes us!
EXAMPLE #2 – Thank you so much for the Hello Kitty Toaster! We almost didn’t add it to our registry because, you know, trying to do less carbs and more adulting, but we’re glad you know us well enough to know this was truly an essential. We’re incredibly grateful that you were able to attend our wedding, and we can’t wait to see where this crazy adventure takes us!

By adding a single sentence to an otherwise boilerplate message, the sender is able to elevate the message. Through personalization, Example 2 evokes something more sincere and tells a story specifically tailored for the recipient and no one else. Unless, of course, they received two Hello Kitty Toasters.

To help craft the personalized handwritten thank-you that perfectly fits your needs, here are a few templates. When you’ve crafted your message, click the button at the end of this article and Bond will help you write, personalize, and send it!

The Perfect Wedding Thank-You Note Template

[Opening line either 1) expressing joy that recipient was able to attend wedding, or 2) expressing wishes the recipient had been able to attend wedding].

[Sentence expressing gratitude for gift recipient gave to sender]. [Sentence or two about how sender plans to enjoy the gift].

[Closing line expressing excitement for what’s to come]!

The Perfect Job Interview Thank-You Note Template

[Opening line thanking recipient for taking the time to sit down with sender]. [One personalized sentence expressing how sender enjoyed getting to know more about the company, the position, and the team].

[One or two personalized sentences that reflect upon the discussion sender had with recipient]. [Sentence expressing sender’s passion about joining the company].

[Sentence expressing that sender looks forward to hearing from recipient soon]. [Closing sentence thanking recipient again and inviting them to follow-up if they need any additional information].

The Perfect Client Appreciation Thank-You Note Template

[Opening line thanking recipient for continuing to trust sender with their business]. [One or two sentences reflecting on recent months of client achievements, including those sender didn’t directly influence].

[One or two sentences summarizing sender’s growth in recent months, emphasizing what these changes mean for the recipient]. [Sentence summarizing what’s to come for sender].

[Sentence reaffirming sender’s commitment to recipient’s success and expressing optimism for what’s to come]. [Closing sentence inviting recipient to reach out to sender directly if they ever want to discuss or have questions].

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