3 Client Appreciation Letters Guaranteed to Delight

client appreciation letter

Nobody is debating that the convenience of the online marketplace has made the world a better place for society’s collective introvert. For many of us, though, the closest thing we have to a bond with the companies to whom we give our business is the series of personalized pop-up ads in our social media feeds, parroting our purchase histories back at us.

Stepping up your client appreciation game with a more personalized connection can help you stand out from the crowd. Something as simple and, more importantly, tangible, as a handwritten note shows your customers that you care. It’s a cost effective, simple way to put something into your buyers’ hands that will create a real feeling of kinship.

By way of example:

cart abandonment

Before the Purchase

If you’re like me (and over a hundred million others), you’re regularly using sites like Amazon and eBay to purchase the things you would’ve had to visit a store for a few years ago. If you’re further like me, you frequently leave items in your digital shopping cart for days on end, forgetting about them until you go to buy something else a few days later and have to think for a minute to figure out why.

The phenomenon is called “cart abandonment,” and it was the fate that awaited a staggering three-fourths of online purchases last year. Generally, businesses like to send a form email to shoppers who abandon their carts. In theory, it’s a polite reminder to come back and complete your purchase. In practice, it’s spam for the spam pile.

So, here’s the alternative. If someone is already logged in to your online store, you probably have their shipping address on file. Instead of sending them an email that’ll never make it past their spam filter, why not send them a handwritten note? It’s incredibly personal, shows them that they’re not just a line item, and proves you’re invested in keeping their business.

thank you for your purchase

After the Purchase

Want to know why I love buying from people on sites like Etsy? It’s the digital equivalent of going to a family owned corner store. The appreciation is real; you’re just too far away for any of the proprietors to physically hug you, so they have to do it with notes. Every time I’ve made a purchase from a small business online, they’ve included a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase.

Sending a thank you note along with a customer’s purchase is an undeniably great move. It adds to the experience of opening that package and, additionally, lets the buyer know that you care.

This goes double for anyone creating products that take some time to produce. If you’re selling custom-made items with a wait period involved, mail your client a handwritten note to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them and that you’re excited to send them their order when it’s ready.

client thank you note

Bringing Them Back for More

You’ve made the sale. The deal is done. Nothing left to do, right?

No. That’s wrong, and you know that’s wrong. You’re smarter than that. You know that bringing a new client in costs five times as much as retaining an old one. You know that customers are fickle but, once they’ve developed a loyalty to a brand they love, nearly two-thirds of them will tell their friends or family about that brand. More than that, you know that you earned your customers’ business by making something outstanding; it would be silly to let them go now.

So, send them a note. Let them know that you appreciated their patronage and that you’re looking forward to hearing from them again. You’ll be surprised by the results.

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