Join the Bond for Shopify Beta Program


Today we are happy to launch our Bond for Shopify Beta Program — our latest strategic initiative to make it easier for ecommerce businesses to send beautiful, thoughtfully crafted handwritten notes to customers at scale.

Shopify is one of the world’s largest commerce platforms for businesses of all sizes, so we’ve partnered with them to take advantage of their automation platform, Shopify Flow. Shopify merchants that use Bond can now create workflows that automatically send handwritten notes to their customers, without having to write a single line of code.

This will allow us to more easily automate the delivery of our handwritten thank you notes. Merchants can create their very own customer retention campaigns by choosing the stationery design, handwriting style and the message they want to send as well as the event that triggers the note. These campaigns can then be automatically sent to customers based on certain conditions, such as first-time customers, VIPs, or even to win back inactive customers.

In an age when consumers are inundated with digital communications like emails, our handwritten notes offer businesses the opportunity to stand out and earn the loyalty of their customers. According to a study we ran, 61% of Americans said they see businesses that send handwritten notes more favorably.

The Bond for Shopify Beta Program gives Shopify Plus merchants early access to our connector and app. Participants will get 100 free credits. It’s only open to the first 50 merchants so hurry and sign up to start boosting customer retention today!

Participant Agreement

  • Credits are exclusive to the Bond for Shopify app.
  • Credits expire 30 days after the first campaign is activated.
  • Agree to Bond using their name and logo for promotional purposes

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