Q&A With MongoDB Tech Marketing All-Stars Meagen Eisenberg and Peter Zawistowicz

If you’re in the tech space, then you’ve definitely heard of the open source database company MongoDB. And if you’ve heard of MongoDB, you’ve probably heard the incredible story of their consistent double digit growth rate.

We’re proud to use MongoDB for our database management, and equally excited to have MongoDB use our services for their marketing outreach. That’s why we sat down with Meagen Eisenberg, Chief Marketing Officer, and Peter Zawistowicz, Demand Generation Marketing Specialist, to discuss how MongoDB uses Bond. Watch the video and read the Q&A, including some special outtakes.

Tell us about MongoDB and what makes your company different.

Peter: MongoDB is a document-oriented database. So, that means that we make it easy for developers to store their data in a way that matches the way they write code. Storing data in MongoDB makes it a lot more accessible and easier to work with. So we allow companies, whether they’re small startups or Fortune 100 companies, to make their data a competitive advantage rather than something that drags them back and something they have to maintain.

Meagen: We’re all about helping developers focus on what they’re passionate about. About that app that they’re building, that problem they’re trying to solve, that next giant idea. We don’t want them worried about the backend or worried about operations. MongoDB values our relationship with our customers and we’re continually taking feedback and trying to improve the product and the experience for them. We want them to be able to develop fast and not deal or worry about the operations side.

Meagen, as a tech marketing thought leader, you talk about the importance of having the right marketing stack. How does Bond fit into MongoDB’s marketing stack?

In today’s market, your tech stack really matters. Modern companies today need to have a marketing stack that allows their team to not only drive awareness in the market and create top-of-funnel engagement, but pull them into the funnel–work with them, engage with them, have a 1:1 relationship, accelerate it until they become a customer. And you want them to stay a customer, too.

The value of Bond is really that personalization, that handwritten note that you’re sending to your customer or prospect, whether you’re thanking them or inviting them to an upcoming event, it’s really getting to them and getting through the noise that’s out there. It’s showing up on their desk and it’s that extra effort that really makes a difference.

Peter, what’s your favorite kind of pizza?

I’m a pepperoni guy.

Nice. Also, you recently ran a campaign to invite customers to MongoDB world, your annual conference. Can you tell us about the conference, why you used handwritten notes, and what results you saw from that campaign?

At MongoDB World, we want our community to come together and engage with their peers and learn. And when we’re inviting our community to come to MongoDB World, we want to send an invite that’s just as engaging and just as personal as the event.

I think everyone has a memory of getting a handwritten note or card from a friend or family member and how special that moment was when you open it up and see something that was created just for you.

Our idea for the campaign is actually quite simple in theory. We wanted to send a note from the account representative to our customers inviting them to MongoDB World. But when you think about how many customers we have, that quickly becomes a huge scale problem. Bond allowed us to do this at scale and send that personalized note to every single one of our customers.

The primary goal of the campaign was just to get people to come to MongoDB World, but a result that surprised us was the people who registered through Bond notes actually added paid activities and workshops to their admission, creating extra revenue. The recipients were actually more engaged than our average customers. They were 3x more likely to open a marketing email and 10x more likely to forward it.

We’re always excited to showcase our robotic technology in action. Are you concerned about customers learning their notes are robotically-written?

I like to think that MongoDB has always been a pretty thoughtful company. In fact, in the early days, the CTO and cofounder was the one fielding all the support tickets. And just because we’ve scaled to having over thousands of customers, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to be thoughtful and communicate with our customers the way we used to with a 1:1 interaction. Bond helps us do that in a scalable way. That thoughtfulness and that tradition is still there.

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