Luxury Brand Marketing Strategies That Work

luxury brand marketing strategy

Luxury marketing has entered an interesting in-between space with the onset of the digital age. In the past, it was possible for luxury brands to remain aloof. There was a general — and fairly reliable — assumption that luxury sales would remain steady regardless of the rest of the economy. That stability is seeing a shift in today’s economy.

Staying relevant to newer generations within the digital age requires some changes. That doesn’t mean luxury brands have to leave behind legacy.  Luxury goods are still doing the business of selling dreams, and consumers are still interested in purchasing their way in.

It’s simply a matter of emphasizing certain traditional elements of luxury branding while adapting to a new forum.

Achieving a "Luxury" Product

First and foremost, there are a few things you need to make central in your messaging for customers to view your company as “luxury.”

Emphasize Your Product’s Craftsmanship

Companies aiming for the luxury brand need to emphasize the quality of their product. Sharing stories about the process your product takes from inception, to design, to the customer is one valuable way to achieve this, while also creating a narrative around the product.

Luxury customers appreciate products with transparent creation stories. Allow them to feel as if what they are receiving was tailor-made for them to experience.

Present Your Product as Exclusive

Customer desirability of your product is heightened by its status as unique, irreplaceable, and exclusive. You could limit the number of people you do any advertising to, as a way of restricting who knows about your product and who has the ability to consider purchasing it.

Another option is to advertise to a broad swath of people but make the actual process of purchasing your product difficult. This way a significant number of people know about your product with only a few ever achieving the dream of buying it.

Create an Experience With Your Marketing

The more immersive, the better. You could connect your brand to a particular sound, but don’t stop with the tried and true jingle. Introduce other senses. The options are as varied as are luxury brands themselves.
luxury brands online

Bringing Luxury Online

Entering into luxury marketing is as much about the messaging around the product, as it is about the product itself. Maintaining the elements of a luxury brand in a digital sphere takes some finesse.

Start by creating a convenient, functional website. Your brand needs to be imbued in your site. You can’t sacrifice convenience for beauty here, though. This may seem obvious, but there are luxury brands that create websites that, while gorgeous to look at, are difficult to navigate. This risks distancing older generations, who may struggle to navigate a complex website, and younger generations, who don’t have the patience to.

Once you have your site and brand narrative in order, it’s time to engage across social networks. Facebook is often the go-to for ads and targeting consumers, but visual-heavy platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are excellent channels for curating your brand’s ideal and image in a way your customers can more readily engage with.

Don’t forge to keep your content SEO-friendly from concept to completion. Figure out which luxury keywords your potential customers are searching for and create content resources (blogs, webinars, etc.) around those. Keyword research not only helps with your SEO efforts, it can also be beneficial when trying to craft your social media posts.

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Finding Balance

Digital marketing is necessary for luxury brands in a way it never used to be. Digital media provides many opportunities for luxury brands. It also provides many challenges. Many companies are currently struggling to find the balance between cultivating their brand’s craftsmanship, exclusivity, and experience in their marketing with the visibility social media provides.

Marketing strategies that involve both digital and physical methods is one way to even out the scales. Though having a digital presence is where most current marketing advice is focused, it doesn’t have to come at the expense of physical efforts.

Combining your digital efforts with direct mail marketing efforts is one way to show customers you are not like other mass brands. For an extra personal touch, those mail marketing efforts can involve messages written in a unique handwriting style.

Using an automated service like Bond allows you to send personal, handwritten notes to your customer base without having to hand write each individual one. Bond can take any handwriting you’d like to use, providing the perfect opportunity to deliver personal, carefully crafted notes with the exclusive penmanship of your company’s CEO, right to your customer base — without detracting from his or her already busy day to get them written.

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