Five Customer Engagement Notes That Every Marketer Needs to Send

How do you engage customers today when everyone gets inundated with marketing emails and retargeting ads? Include handwritten notes in the mix! We’ve selected some of our favorite customer engagement and customer retention notes, studying them to find out what makes them so special. Here are the five customer engagement notes that every marketer needs.

Cold Outreach

An effective cold outreach note helps a marketing team make a warm introduction to someone who wasn’t expecting a handwritten note. This particular note is successful because it puts a human face on a business. It targets local residents and introduces an individual employee to engage new potential customers. If you’re a sales professional, see what our sales team has to say about effective cold outreach strategies.

Promo Code Note

Every marketer knows that a good way to engage and re-engage customers is by sending them a promo code. This note is extra effective because it rewards returning customers. It also adds a little more personality and care behind the outreach because it’s so personal.

Reminder Note

Sometimes customers are engaged but they are just too busy or distracted to convert. In times like this, a nice reminder can really boost the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. This note is engaging because it provides an incentive to past attendees, immediately reminding them of last year’s experience. Additionally, customers are being rewarded for their loyalty, which makes them even more likely to re-engage. See how MongoDB uses handwritten notes to increase event attendance and customer engagement.

Invitation Note

A sure way for marketing teams to engage customers is by inviting them to an event. This can be a conference, product launch, Q&A session, dinner, really anything! This note also includes a special offer to boost participation while also providing a mechanism to track success of the campaign.

Contact Us Note

People buy from people. Marketing emails have their place, but to really engage a customer, introducing them to a single point of contact can make all the difference. In this note, Jenna is the point person who will help foster a new relationship between the customer and the company. If you use this approach, make sure the person you select is someone the customer can actually talk to. We send our customers thank you notes from Toby, one of our actual customer success representatives, and sometimes they write him back.

Want to Send Some Customer Engagement Notes?

Marketing teams are engaging customers across many different channels. Bond’s clients have unlocked a really special and effective touchpoint by incorporating handwritten notes into their marketing stack. Do you want to engage your customers? Get started today with our self service web app!

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